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5510 Invalid session mode for procedure execution

3684 The password submitted contains too few characters

9804 Response Row size or Constant Row size overflow

3524 The User does not have CREATE DATABASE access to database XXXXXX

5602 Error creating UDF/XSP/UDM/UDT/JAR: problem accessing the external file %VSTR

3541 The request to assign new PERMANENT space is invalid

42000 An owner referenced by user does not have EXECUTE PROCEDURE access to XXXXXX

2644: No more room in database <DataaseName> while there is space available

2646 No more spool space in %DBID in Teradata

2646 No more spool space for Phantom Spool space

2667 Left-over spool table found

10060 WSA E Timedout: No response received when attempting to connect

7445 Mload table XXXXX cannot be released be release because fallback exists

9247 One or more objects reconciled to an earlier or same date or timestamp

1171 Object <DATABASE_NAME>.<OBJECT_NAME> is not archived because of unresolved RI

5495 Stored Procedure 'DBC.SysExecSQL' does not exist

5313 Referential integrity violation: cannot drop a referenced (Parent) table

8024: All virtual circuits are currently in use

9000 Operation not allowed: the target table is being online archived

7517: Data count does not match the LOB count

3754 Precision error in FLOAT type constant or during implicit conversions

3523 XXXXX:An owner referenced by user does not have XXXX access to XXXX.XXXXX

3523 <XXXX>:The user does not have XXXXX access to XXX.XXXX (Procedure fail with 3523 Error when SQL SECURITY INVOKER use in the procedure)

5780 Cannot DROP a user or database that has DBQL enabled

3552 Cannot DROP databases with tables, journal tables, views, macros, or zones

3551 The user cannot DROP a database that has descendants

2837 Table being Fast/Multi Loaded; no data dumped

6706 The string contains an untranslatable character

6849 The UDT (with Group Name TD_JSON_CLOB) does not have Transform, or does not have the specified Transform Group

Failure ARC0805:Access Module returned error code 34: Tivoli dsmSendIbj error -72: ANS1235E (RC-72) as unknown system error has occured from which TSM cannot recover

Viewpoint stats manager jobs not running after system move (DBS) Or IP change

Teradata database instance with local storage on AWS not working after shutdown the instance

Teradata Studio Installation Failed with “64bit Java Runtime Environment X.X or above is required. Please provide the required JRE path”

1001 There may be errors at object level. This job was running on master node 001-01 and partition 34

DIP script “DIPRTBLOP - R Table Operator” failing with error cannot find -ludfGPLudf

TVAS Report failing with Error Failed in component: dbpool, BC-JAS-TRH Cannot create connection

Performance Data Collection is either not installed or the version is not supported in Teradata Viewpoint

Abort session from viewpoint query monitor failing with Portlet error “internal error: contact your administrator. Error ID (long hex number)”

Assert failed in gtwgateway pid XXXXX: utcbp->pausecount > 0 at tsk/tskuser.c:1034 in Teradata

7595:Operation not allowed: an online archive logging is currently active on <database_name>

DSC using JDBC 14.10 despite an upgrade to TTU 16.XX in Teradata

Teradata Viewpoint Error: “ Your login attempt was not successful, Please try again”

1148: DSA DSMAIN-BARNC Communication Exception: 1001: (xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx) AXMFile: write () retrned error 28: No space left on device

CNSSUPV start: All Interactive Partitions are busy!! in Teradata

/var/opt/teradata file system becoming full by Teradata gateway log files

The /var/opt/teradata filesystem is filling up with BARLog (dsmain) in Teradata

-bash: dbscontrol: command not found in Teradata

CLI error: MTDP: EM_SSOLOGONFAIL(244): SSO logon failed by gateway in Teradata

Session are blocked by a session with Session ID=0 and State=“?” in Teradata


Special characters are not displaying properly from Client Tools in Teradata

Error: access denied("java.net.SocketPermission""xxx.xx.xxx.xxx:xxxx""connect,resolve)

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