Consequence of Abnormal Shutdown of Teradata Database

It is very important to shutdown Teradata database proper way before power off or restart or shutdown Linux on AWS/Azure/TDVM/Physical System. If you failed to shutdown database proper way then it can lead to many problems including (Teradata, 2017):

  • Offline Vprocs

  • Fatal Vprocs

  • NFR (Node Failure Recovery) nodes automatically starting up similar to HSN (Hot Standby Nodes) on physical systems.

  • Ghost or phantom nodes joining the database configuration

  • Data loss / Data Corruption

  • Billable charges by Teradata to recover data

Process to Shutdown Database Proper Way (Teradata, 2017):

1. Shutdown the database

# /usr/pde/bin/tpareset -x Shutting down Teradata for maintenance

2. Check the database has been shutdown

# pdestate


3. Reboot or Shutdown Linux Machine

# init 6 (For Reboot Linux)


# init 0 (For Shutdown Linux)

4. After Reboot and start Linux reconnect to Teradata with ssh and check to see if database comes up automatically or not

# watch pdestate -a (You are looking for logons enabled) to exit press Control-C or delete key

If the system is stuck at down/hardstop or down/main run this command to bring up Teradata:

# /etc/init.d/tpa start

Monitor the database comes up with logons enabled:

# watch pdestate -a (You are looking for logons enabled)to exit press Control-C or delete key


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