How to collect Teradata Viewpoint support bundle

Run the following command and wait to finish. Download the file /var/opt/teradata/viewpointsupport-[unique].zip

# /opt/teradata/viewpoint/bin/

Skipping capture of /opt/teradata/viewpoint/dcs/logs/pdcr.log.2021-01-21 as its greater than 500 MB.

Skipping capture of /opt/teradata/viewpoint/dcs/logs/pdcr.log.2021-01-23 as its greater than 500 MB.

Skipping capture of /opt/teradata/viewpoint/dcs/logs/pdcr.log.2021-01-22 as its greater than 500 MB.

Skipping capture of /opt/teradata/viewpoint/dcs/logs/pdcr.log.2021-01-24 as its greater than 500 MB.

Skipping capture of /opt/teradata/viewpoint/dcs/logs/pdcr.log.2021-01-25 as its greater than 500 MB.

Copying /opt/teradata/viewpoint/dcs/logs successful.

Skipping capture of /opt/teradata/viewpoint/portal/logs/catalina.out as its greater than 500 MB.

Copying /opt/teradata/viewpoint/portal/logs successful.

Copying /data/viewpointdb/pg_log successful.

Copying /var/log successful.

Copying Viewpoint config files successful.

Copying limit.conf successful.

Copying postgresql configuration successful.

Copying asset data bundle successful.

Including software versions successful.

Including CAM support files...

rm: cannot remove `/var/opt/teradata/cam/alert/camsupport-*.tar.gz': No such file or directory

Cleaning up of old camsupport files failed (Error Code: 1).

Creating /var/opt/teradata/cam/alert/camsupport

Copying /etc/opt/teradata/cam data

cp: cannot stat `/etc/opt/teradata/cam/*': No such file or directory

Copying /opt/teradata/cam/alert data

Capturing CAM service status, this may take a few minutes

Capturing Viewpoint action.log for Alert Setup portlet

cp: cannot stat `/var/opt/teradata/cam/alert/logs/messageError.log': No such file or directory

cp: cannot stat `/var/opt/teradata/cam/alert/logs/error.log': No such file or directory

Copying /opt/teradata/tdactivemq data

ls: cannot access /var/opt/teradata/tdactivemq/data/TeradataActiveMQ/journal: No such file or directory

Capturing rpm information

Capturing netstat information

Capturing ActiveMQ broker statistics

Checking the cam database

Capturing cam config data

Creating camsupport tar file

camsupport file: /var/opt/teradata/cam/alert/camsupport-012621135632.tar.gz created

Cleaning up /var/opt/teradata/cam/alert/camsupport directory

Including CAM support files successful.

Capturing uptime successful.

Capturing partition sizes successful.

Capturing archive, backup, and database sizes successful.

Capturing SLES version successful.

Capturing memory usage successful.

Capturing deployed portlets successful.

Capturing hostname successful.

Capturing OS and postgresql time successful.

Capturing hosts file successful.

Capturing network interfaces successful.

Capturing java processes successful.

Capturing postgres processes successful.

Capturing current postgresql workload successful.

Capturing current postgresql locks successful.

Capturing current postgresql collector info successful.

Stack trace saved to: /var/opt/teradata/viewpointsupport/data/dcs_stack_20210126135637.txt

Capturing current dcs java support stack successful.

Stack trace saved to: /var/opt/teradata/viewpointsupport/data/viewpoint_stack_20210126135637.txt

Capturing current viewpoint java support stack successful.

Capturing database change log successful.

Capturing database change log lock successful.

Capturing DCS monitored systems successful.

Capturing DCS collector information successful.

Capturing monitored system types successful.

Capturing monitored database info successful.

Capturing td_portal.systemfeatures successful.

Capturing TASM global params successful.

Capturing TASM ruleset info successful.

Capturing tasmwd schema successful.

Capturing upgrade logs successful.

Capturing viewpoint crash logs successful.

Capturing dcs crash logs successful.

Creating support archive...

adding: cam/ (stored 0%)

adding: cam/sysinfo/ (stored 0%)

adding: cam/sysinfo/rpmList (deflated 93%)

adding: cam/sysinfo/netstatInfo (deflated 83%)

adding: cam/sysinfo/rpmInfo (deflated 79%)

adding: cam/sysinfo/psInfo (deflated 73%)

adding: cam/sysinfo/rpmChanges (deflated 61%)

adding: cam/camdb/ (stored 0%)

adding: cam/camdb/checkdb.out (deflated 71%)

adding: cam/camdb/configData.txt (deflated 86%)

adding: cam/alert/ (stored 0%)

adding: cam/alert/action.log (deflated 86%)

adding: cam/alert/config/ (stored 0%)

adding: cam/alert/config/alertservice-log.config.xml (deflated 76%)

adding: cam/alert/config/ (deflated 39%)

adding: cam/alert/config/camclustersetup-log.config.xml (deflated 64%)

adding: cam/alert/config/ (deflated 74%)

adding: cam/alert/config/test-delivery-log.config.xml (deflated 68%)

adding: cam/alert/config/teradataCamMib.txt (deflated 73%)

adding: cam/alert/config/camalert-util-log.config.xml (deflated 62%)

adding: cam/alert/logs/ (stored 0%)

adding: cam/alert/logs/alertservice.log.2021-01-21 (deflated 97%)

adding: cam/alert/logs/alertrules.log (deflated 94%)

adding: cam/alert/logs/alertservice.log.2021-01-17 (deflated 97%)

adding: cam/alert/logs/alertservice.log.2021-01-24 (deflated 97%)

adding: cam/alert/logs/alertservice.log.2021-01-25 (deflated 97%)

adding: cam/alert/logs/alertservice.log.2021-01-18 (deflated 97%)

adding: cam/alert/logs/alertservice.log.2021-01-22 (deflated 97%)

adding: cam/alert/logs/serviceStatus.log (deflated 93%)

adding: cam/alert/logs/alertservice.log.2021-01-23 (deflated 97%)

adding: cam/alert/logs/alertservice.log.2021-01-19 (deflated 97%)

adding: cam/alert/logs/alertservice.log.2021-01-16 (deflated 97%)

adding: cam/alert/logs/alertservice.log (deflated 97%)

adding: cam/alert/logs/alertservice.log.2021-01-20 (deflated 97%)

adding: cam/alert/serviceStatus (deflated 88%)

adding: cam/tdactivemq/ (stored 0%)

adding: cam/tdactivemq/lsJournal (stored 0%)

adding: cam/tdactivemq/etc/ (stored 0%)

adding: cam/tdactivemq/config/ (stored 0%)

adding: cam/tdactivemq/config/td-broker.xml (deflated 72%)

adding: cam/tdactivemq/config/td-activemq.xml (deflated 48%)

adding: cam/tdactivemq/config/ (stored 0%)

adding: cam/tdactivemq/config/td-activemq-static-network-broker.xml (deflated 66%)

adding: cam/tdactivemq/config/ (deflated 59%)

adding: cam/tdactivemq/brokerStats (deflated 94%)

adding: cam/tdactivemq/logs/ (stored 0%)

adding: cam/tdactivemq/logs/activemq.log (deflated 92%)

adding: cam/config/ (stored 0%)

adding: config/ (stored 0%)

adding: config/postgresql/ (stored 0%)

adding: config/postgresql/pg_hba.conf (deflated 61%)

adding: config/postgresql/pg_ident.conf (deflated 53%)

adding: config/postgresql/ (deflated 3%)

adding: config/postgresql/postgresql.conf (deflated 69%)

adding: config/viewpoint/ (stored 0%)

adding: config/viewpoint/viewpointasset-012621134829.json (deflated 90%)

adding: config/viewpoint/ (deflated 24%)

adding: config/viewpoint/ (stored 0%)

adding: config/viewpoint/certs (deflated 15%)

adding: config/viewpoint/lastBackupSuccess.json (deflated 54%)

adding: config/security/ (stored 0%)

adding: config/security/limits.conf (deflated 64%)

adding: crashes/ (stored 0%)

adding: crashes/viewpoint/ (stored 0%)

adding: crashes/dcs/ (stored 0%)

adding: data/ (stored 0%)

adding: data/teradata_database_info.txt (deflated 68%)

adding: data/tasmvpglobalparams.txt (deflated 92%)

adding: data/collectors.txt (deflated 88%)

adding: data/system_type.txt (deflated 94%)

adding: data/queries.txt (deflated 98%)

adding: data/systems.txt (deflated 79%)

adding: data/databasechangelog.txt (deflated 90%)

adding: data/dcs_stack_20210126135637.txt (deflated 91%)

adding: data/tasmwd.txt (deflated 90%)

adding: data/databasechangeloglock.txt (deflated 48%)

adding: data/tasmrulesetinfo.txt (deflated 95%)

adding: data/collector.txt (deflated 61%)

adding: data/viewpoint_stack_20210126135637.txt (deflated 95%)

adding: data/locks.txt (deflated 97%)

adding: data/systemfeatures.txt (deflated 76%)

adding: datapartition.txt (deflated 31%)

adding: hostname.txt (stored 0%)

adding: hosts.txt (deflated 61%)

adding: ifconfig.txt (deflated 85%)

adding: logs/ (stored 0%)

adding: logs/system/ (stored 0%)

adding: logs/system/wtmp (deflated 95%)

adding: logs/system/messages (deflated 95%)

adding: logs/system/lastlog (deflated 100%)

adding: logs/system/warn (deflated 92%)

adding: logs/system/net-snmpd.log (deflated 94%)

adding: logs/postgresql/ (stored 0%)

adding: logs/postgresql/postgresql.log.Sat (deflated 88%)

adding: logs/postgresql/postgresql.log.Tue (deflated 89%)

adding: logs/postgresql/postgresql.log.Mon (deflated 88%)

adding: logs/postgresql/postgresql.log.Fri (deflated 88%)

adding: logs/postgresql/postgresql.log.Thu (deflated 88%)

adding: logs/postgresql/postgresql.log.Sun (deflated 88%)

adding: logs/viewpoint/ (stored 0%)

adding: logs/viewpoint/action.log (deflated 97%)

adding: logs/viewpoint/viewpoint.log (deflated 99%)

adding: logs/dcs/ (stored 0%)

adding: logs/dcs/dcs.log (deflated 95%)

adding: logs/dcs/pdcr.log (deflated 98%)

adding: logs/dcs/error.log.2021-01-25 (deflated 98%)

adding: logs/dcs/dcs.log.2021-01-24 (deflated 95%)

adding: logs/dcs/error.log.2021-01-21 (deflated 98%)

adding: logs/dcs/error.log.2021-01-22 (deflated 98%)

adding: logs/dcs/mhm.log (deflated 77%)

adding: logs/dcs/dcs.log.2021-01-23 (deflated 95%)

adding: logs/dcs/dcs.log.2021-01-22 (deflated 95%)

adding: logs/dcs/dcs.log.2021-01-21 (deflated 95%)

adding: logs/dcs/out.log (deflated 97%)

adding: logs/dcs/error.log (deflated 98%)

adding: logs/dcs/error.log.2021-01-24 (deflated 98%)

adding: logs/dcs/dcs.log.2021-01-25 (deflated 95%)

adding: logs/dcs/error.log.2021-01-23 (deflated 98%)

adding: memory.txt (deflated 39%)

adding: packages.txt (deflated 65%)

adding: partitions.txt (deflated 43%)

adding: portlets.txt (deflated 78%)

adding: psjava.txt (deflated 70%)

adding: pspostgres.txt (deflated 79%)

adding: sles.txt (deflated 1%)

adding: timestamps.txt (deflated 18%)

adding: upgrades/ (stored 0%)

adding: upgrades/ (deflated 86%)

adding: uptime.txt (deflated 3%)

adding: versions.txt (deflated 46%)

Support Archive Created: /var/opt/teradata/