Teradata Viewpoint Error: “ Your login attempt was not successful, Please try again”


One or more user unable to login to viewpoint using LDAP but most other users are not affected


It can be for some changes in AD/LDAP for those users who are getting this login issue. LDAP might had added new groups and moved some users to those groups. None of the existing Pattern Bind entries included the new groups.


Contact with AD/LDAP admin to fix the issue. Add a Pattern Bind entry for each new group OR Use the User Search option to recursively search the directory.

Additional Information:

Use ldapsearch (command is a single string, replace <> with your values).

-D DN of the user connecting to search AD/LDAP.

-b base of search path.

ldapsearch -H ldap://<LDAP.AD.EXAMPLE.COM>:389 -W -x -D "CN=<SearchUserName>,OU=<division>,OU=<Associates>,OU=<usersAndGroups>,DC=<ad>,DC=<example>,DC=com" -b "DC=<example>,DC=com" "(cn=<failed-username>)" cn mail givenName sn