How to Collect TSET (export & pack) in Teradata

This article assumes you already have TSET install on your PC. If you have not Install TSET then at the end of the article you can find information how to download TSET for installation.

1. Start TSET

2. In TSET, on File menu, click Connect. (Note: Please use the user who has all the access rights to the objects used in the query to connect)

3. Select the Data Source where you want to Connect

4. Provide the Connection information (Mechanism, Username and Password) and Click OK.

Now you are connected to the database.

5. Click Tools-> Export

6. In Export from Teradata Database window, click Query under Export By. Under Export to., type in the incident number (i.e RECABCDEF) in File name. Also under Export to, choose a directory in In folder and Click OK

7. In Export By Query window, paste in the query in Query. Modify Default Database: (if the query is not fully qualified with database name) and Click ADD.

8 . Select Export Option:

Option 1: select following options if you want to capture TSET for Optimizer and click Option:

In Export By Query window, under Export Options:,

  • Object Definitions

  • Random AMP Samples

  • Statistics

  • Cost Parameters

  • Cost Profiles

WARNING : DO NOT choose All as this will cause another 3610 error with Execution Plans.

Option 2: select following options if you want to capture TSET for Query Performance and click Option:

In Export By Query window, under Export Options:, select All

In that following picture I am capturing TSET for Optimizer.

9. In Export Options window, type in the incident number (i.e RECABCDEF) in RAS tag: and Cost tag. In Random AMP Samples(RAS), click on Select Tables...

10. In Export Random AMP Samples window, select Capture from AMPs under RAS Options.Click Select All.

11. Click OK.

12. In Cost Parameters, click Select Rows...

13. In Export Cost Parameters window, select Capture Current Costs under Cost Options and Click OK.

14. In Export Options window, click OK.

15. In Export by Query window, click Export. (TSET Exporting will start.)

16. Click Tools-> Pack....

17. In the Pack window, locate the 'RECHWBVLM_Bad_query.mcf' file in the directory selected in step 6 and Click Pack.

18. Attach the RECABCDEF.pack file to the incident.

If you don't have TSET application it can be downloaded at:

You can download the latest TSET version thru TeradataAtYourService:

1) Log onto TAYS

2) Click on Software Downloads link

3) Click on Teradata Client Icon

4) Under TD Client Platform - Click on Windows or whatever platform you want install it on.

5) Select client version: select latest version

6) Select platform base: windows or whichever is needed

7) Current: yes

8) Submit

9) Select DatabaseManagement Package

10) Download - install on pc - select tset tool during install prompts