Study Abroad

1. Choose your subject, university and country:

This is the most important step you to decide which program you want to study in abroad. After deciding your subject next comes to choose the university. This is also very important to get a degree from well known university for your chosen subject. From the following list you will get university ranking information which might help you to choose your university:

Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) -

World University Rankings-

Leiden Ranking -

If you are planning to stay in abroad then it is very important to choose a country carefully because not every country gives you the opportunity to stay there after completing your study and get citizenship easily. If you study in universities in big cities then, it much easier to manage job after competing your degree.

If you would like to study in Sweden then you will need to apply through the follwoing website:

2. Scholarship:

To study in good ranking universities is expensive so you might need scholarship if you can’t afford your tuition and accommodation fees. Some university might give you scholarship for only tuition fee in that case you will need to manage your accommodation cost by yourself. Therefore, it is also important for you to know how many hours you can work if you need to manage your accommodation cost by yourself.

Following link might help you to search scholarship:

Scholarship search -

3. Apply for admission:

In that step you need to gather the requirement to get admission in your chosen university. The university might demand IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, SAT etc. Once you have all the test university demand and fulfill their requirement you have to apply for admission before the deadline. Please visit your chosen university website to get information how to apply for admission.

4. Visa:

After getting the admission in the university you have to apply for the visa. Make sure you have a valid passport. Some universities also help you by giving information how you should apply for visa. You will also get the information from the countries embassy website.

5. Begin to immerse yourself in the local culture

Once you have the admission and visa, you can spend some time to study the culture and language about the country you are going to study before your visit which will make your life easier.

6. Airline Tickets:

Now time to buy airline tickets and ready to fly. You can buy the ticket from different airline agent in your country. The following site might also help you to search for ticket in lowest price.

Momondo -

Flightsform -

7. Start your dream:

Attend the orientation programme where you will get important information such as banking, health care, computer accounts, library accounts, student life, language courses etc. Don’t forget to take some picture and send your parents ;) . Start your journey to fulfill your dream, Good luck :).

Stockholm University Orientation Day, August 2010

Stockholm University Orientation Day, August 2010