How to use CloudWatch Logs Insights on Amazon RDS for Oracle log files

The following Picture is a high-level picture to Publishing Oracle database Logs to CloudWatch Log.

We can publish the alert log and listener log of an Oracle database instance to CloudWatch Logs during the creation of an instance or an existing RDS for Oracle instance by clicking the “Modify” button.

The following screenshot of the Amazon RDS console shows where to select the Alert log and Listener log options for Log exports, under Additional configuration.

The following steps show how to access Oracle Alert log and Listener Log from CloudWatch.


Search for your instance and select /aws//rds/instance/<instance name>/alert .

Click View in Log Insight to search in the log and specify date and time. 

Select date & Time and click Apply. Use Filter Criteria bases on your search criteria and Run query

You can use the following CloudWatch query to analysis alert log file

Similar way we can check the Listener Log. Select /aws/rds/instance/<instance name>/listener

Click View in Log Insights and provide the search criteria to search contenct from Listener log 

You can use the following CloudWatch query to analysis Listener Log file