How do create a VPN with Amazon VPC

You might need to create a secure VPN Connection between your office and cloud using AWS VPN service. I am showing here three main component to build this connection. Three main component are:

1. Customer Gateways: This represent the customer office site connection. Here you need to specify your on-premises firewall public IP and routing type dynamic routing (BGP) or static routing

2. Virtial Private Gateways: This represent VPN endpoint of AWS site connection.

3. VPN Connection: This is based on the avobe two component which will provide downloadable configuration file that you can use to configure office firewall.

To Create VPN first go to the VPC console by clicking VPC from AWS console.

From the left hand side click the "Customer Gateways"

Click Create Customer Gateway button

Provide the Name tag which you can use to identify your office site. Next choose the Routing type (Static/Dynamic) you intent to use. I have used here Static routing. Finaly provide the public IP of your office on-premises firewall.

After the creating you will see the State available

Now from the left hand side click "Virtual Private Gateways".

Click "Create Virtual Private Gateway" and provide a name for the VPN in Amazon site that you are going to recognize

After the creation it will looks like the picture below

Now Right click on the Name and left click "Attach to VPC"

Select the appropriate VPC that you want to communucate. Here I have selected the VPC that I created in "Customer Gateways"

Click "Yes, Attach"

It will take a while for attaching the VPC

Now Click "VPN Connections" from left hand side.

Click "Create VPN Connection". Provide a name that you can use for recognize later in Name tag. Select Virtual Private Gateway for Amazon side that we just created. Select Customer Gateway for Office site that we just created. Coose the routing option that you are goint to use. In our case I have selected "Static". In Statit Prefix you can specify the private network behind your on-premises firewall, for example here I have used Click "Yes,Create| button.

It will take a while to create.

After the Creation it will look like the following picture.

Now you can Download the configuration that you will need to perform in your office site. Click "Download Configuration". Select vendor, Platform and Software.

Select vendor, Platform and Software that you have in your office site.

We are done with the VPN setup in Amazon site. The downloaded Configuration File attached here