Opatch fails with Error :"The relation between 2 composites[DB BP,DB PSU] are invalid."


$ pwd


 $ opatch apply -report

Oracle Interim Patch Installer version

Copyright (c) 2018, Oracle Corporation.  All rights reserved.

 Oracle Home       : /oratsdb/product/12c/

Central Inventory : /oraoas/product/12c/oraInventory

   from           : /oratsdb/product/12c/

OPatch version    :

OUI version       :

Log file location : /oratsdb/product/12c/


Verifying environment and performing prerequisite checks...

 UtilSession failed: The relation between 2 composites[24340679,26925311] are invalid.

Please contact SE team to regenerate the patches.

Log file location: /oratsdb/product/12c/



$ opatch lspatches

24846605;OCW Interim patch for 24846605

24340679;DATABASE BUNDLE PATCH: (24340679)

OPatch succeeded.

Here we are trying to apply PSU (Patch 26925311: DATABASE PATCH SET UPDATE  You cannot install DB PSU and ProActive BP in the same ORACLE_HOME. Here we can see Database Proactive Bundle Patch Install. If you install ProActive BP then you cannot subsequently install a letter DB PSU on top of that. You will need to choose the patching methods ProActive BP path or DB PSU path.


You can switch patching methods. You can roll out the Proactive BP patches & apply the DB PSU, similarly if you choose Proactive BP methods but you haev DB PSU installed then you can roll back the DB PSU & apply the ProActive BP.


Now you might wonder which method is the best. It depends on the Release and Platform. In Oracle MOS 1962125.1 it explained clearly