EM 13c: How to Add Target

Here we will do the following steps:
1. Add Target Host and install agent 
2. Add targets in host   

1. Add Host and install agent 

Go to Setup-> Add Target -> Add Targets Manually
Click Install Agent on Host if the agent has not been installed already
Click Add and provide host name/ip adress and Platform

Provide Installation Base Directory

Click + sign to add Named Credential, and Provide username and password of Named Credential

Click Deploy Agent

Click Continue, All host 
Agent Deployment in Progress

[root@sasdb2 ~]# /opt/oracle/product/agent13c/agent_13.
Finished product-specific root actions.
/etc exist

Click Done

2. Add targets in host   

Go to Setup-> Add Target -> Add Targets Manually

Click "Add Using Guided Process"

Select "Oracle Database, Listener and Auomatic Storage Management" and Click Add

Click search button

Select host (In my cases I have selected sasdb2.ipx.com) and Click Select
Click Next

Here I am chaning the monitor username from dbsnmp to sys user but you can use dbsnmp user. Select the Target name and click configure.

Click Save

Click Close