Setup Anaconda and PySpark on Windows

 Download  Anaconda installer and install it in the following way. In that example I have installed Anaconda Python 3 version.

We have installed Anaconda now lets test the installation. 

To test the installation of Anaconda, run the command "conda list" from "Anaconda Prompt". A long list of installed package appears similar to the below screenshot.

You could also run "Jupyter Notebook" using the command "jupyter notebook"
 In order to install "PySpark" just run the command "pip install psypark". If you have certificate issue then you can install it using trusted host  used in the following example.
Make sure you have Java 7+ (Links to an external site.) installed on your machine (recommended version is 8).

Next, we will edit our environmental variables so we can open a spark notebook in any directory.